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image“The magic of Gault houses was born from the combination of the talents of 2 brothers: Jean-Pierre; architect, painter and sculptor, and Dominique; designer and businessman. Master-craftsmen, sculptors and ceramists joined them to develop this original art: The creation or unique pieces, entirely hand-made. Unique in the world, this new handcrafted technique was set up by Jean-Pierre Gault to make his work of art come true. The starting point: a Limoges clay specially elaborated for this production technique in which the house’s volume will take shape. All the tools, instrument and stamps allowing the creation of a house were created by the Master-craftsmen of the studio. More than 3000 stamps sculpted by artists were used. Two months were needed to produce a house through 14 manufacturing stages. Sculpting of roofs, shaping and modelling of balconies, pavements…Natural drying, firing at 700°C; rinse-bath with oxides, painting, patina, dust removal, cold enameling at 1000°C and shop-fronts miniaturising. All those stages were necessary to produce a piece finally worthy of seal of Gault. The world of Gault: the charm weaves its spell.”

Gault Original

Original Gault (also known as Gault Limoges clay) ceramic miniature houses were created from the mid 1980’s to about 2010, initially depicting miniature architecture of the Provence region of France, then grew to several other series such as Paris, London, Venice, and more.

In cooperation with the main artist for Gault Original ceramic houses since 1995, Patrick Perrault, gault-france.com offers pieces made since the beginning of the Gault Original ceramic houses in the early 1980’s. We are also looking into creating a small set of new pieces every year. All pieces are stocked and ship from the United States.

Our J Carlton page also has a link to the wonderful J Carlton miniature houses website which started in the early 2000’s as a new line of the Gault houses made in resin instead of ceramic. The J Carlton website is separate and not associated with this site.

Additional objectives of this site are to:

  • Preserve historical information about these wonderful miniatures: Key information about the Gault miniature houses based on information provided by Dominique Gault, Patrick Perrault, research of various internet sources and internet archival systems, and articles in France newspapers. Click the Gault History page to view the information.
  • Serve as a central place for Gault miniature collectors worldwide to share their passion: Gault houses were purchased by collectors visiting France from all over the world who continue to add to their collection by finding Gault Original (ceramic) pieces on the secondary market. Of course many also collect J Carlton house, which is still a brand available of the market today with miniature Provence and Paris pieces made of resin. Click the Gault Original and J Carlton pages to view the details about these wonderful collectibles.

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